The 7,500 square foot upstairs is divided into two sections: the once large, open storage space for the former Gindlers department store and the former bank offices and dentist office. The open storage space was transformed into 8 hotel rooms, each with its own bathroom, and a new two story elevator.  Where once there was only open space, there is now new electrical, plumbing, heating and air, a fire safety system and all the modern amenities associated with luxury accommodations



6 hotel rooms, including one two-bedroom apartment, were renovated to fit into the existing office walls.  A few interior windows and doors between the offices were removed but no walls were removed. Several of the offices had a vestibule in which a bathroom and closet were built.   The transoms and door frames on this side are all original to the building.

The Renovations

The 15,000 square foot building which is now home to The Dilworth Inn and the Italian restaurant, La Bella Tavola, started out as a bank when it was originally constructed in 1912. It later became home to Gindlers Department Store and much more recently a community church. Many residents of Gonzales recall visiting the once dentist office in the back corner, which is now a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment.

Some of the changes you can see the pictures below are quite dramatic while others you may still be able to recognize the same space from before and after.

The project was conceived as a community revitalization project to draw residents and visitors to the downtown area of historic Gonzales, Texas, providing both food and lodging.




The 7,500 square foot downstairs was split between the Italian restaurant, La Bella Tavola, and the reception area and elevator of The Dilworth Inn.  The space was reconfigured to optimize the flow and usage of a large restaurant while retaining existing structures like the location of the backstairs and the restrooms.  Fun fact: The restaurant freezer is located in the once bank vault.


If you're interested in seeing more of our renovations, watch our youtube videos.

Suite Downstairs Upstairs


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